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The Rock Confirms Thriller ‘Janson Directive’


The Rock has confirmed that he is to head into Bourne-style territory.  Or should I say, more accurately, Robert Ludlum territory, the writer of the original Bourne premise.

Another Robert Ludlum novel was “The Jansen Directive” and The Rock, should things go well, will star in a movie adaptation.  Captivate Entertainment, who controls the late Ludlum’s interests, is producing the film. At this stage, no writer or director are attached.  Not surprising to see him move into such a genre as The Rock recently stated that he’d like to play a Bond villain.

The synopsis is:

“Janson was published a year after Ludlum’s death in 2001 and told of a ex-Navy Seal and covert ops specialist who now works as a security consultant. When a rescue operation goes south, he is targeted for termination and must go on the run in order to clear his name.”