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Travolta’s The Forger Playing At TIFF


While Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maggie may have been pulled from the Toronto Film Festival, another B-movie has the confidence of its owners to appear – John Travolta’s heist thriller The Forger.  Here’s the synopsis being thrown around for TIFF:

A suspenseful and moving thriller, The Forger switches seamlessly from bracing violence and criminal hijinks to scenes of painstaking familial reparations. It is also a showcase for the singular talents of John Travolta, who turns in an affecting performance as a man who has spent his life applying his artistic gifts in all the wrong ways.

Knowing that his teenage son Will (Tye Sheridan) has stage IV cancer, Ray Cutter (Travolta) manages to get out of prison nine months ahead of schedule. The hitch is that, while Ray wants to go straight, the shady character who made Ray’s early release possible expects him to pull off a heist as payment. The job involves snatching Monet’s Woman with Parasol from the museum where it’s on display and replacing it with a replica so perfect that no one will notice. A master thief and a world-class art forger, Ray is literally the only man for the job — and in any case has no choice. But can he perform this high-stakes robbery while also trying to fulfill his dying son’s wishes?

The film has been directed by Philip Martin and is slated for a yet-to-be-announced 2014 release.  Elsewhere on Travolta’s schedule is the possibility of the John McTiernan directed Warbirds.  Travolta has also suggested that he’d make a good Bond villain, can’t see that happening though…