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Details On “Bond” Prequel


There is a James Bond prequel coming around the curve.  Or so they say.  It’s going to be called “Section 6” and will cover the origins of MI6, the organisation that Bond belongs to.

“The secret origins of MI-6…based on declassified events”

In the shadow of the First World War during 1918 army vet Alec Duncan is recruited by Mansfield Cumming of the British Foreign Intelligence to stop Nikola Gronzy after the mistaken assassination of a Russian officer in Petrograd, Russia.

The project, being helmed by Universal, may not sound like a Bond movie, but Bond property owners MGM say otherwise.  Apparently they are privy to details on it being much closer related than the rest of us are aware of, as there is an ongoing dispute between both companies, with MGM accusing the former of abusing the 007 likeness.