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Ernie Hudson Shits On Female Ghostbusters


Seems to me that there are some deranged people in charge of this Ghostbusters franchise.  It was clear that it was dead in the water when Bill Murray and the rest of the cast got old as fuck.  Then it was certain when Murray (rightly) refused to do it.  Then when Egon bought the farm, what else was there to discuss?

They’re still hell bent on ramming this thing home, even worse now is that they’re doing an all-female Ghostbusters.  And Ernie Hudson ain’t impressed:

“I heard it was going to be a total reboot, and that it would have nothing to do with the other two movies,” he said. “If it has nothing to do with the other two movies, and it’s all female, then why are you calling it Ghostbusters?

“I love females. I hope that if they go that way at least they’ll be funny, and if they’re not funny at least hopefully it’ll be sexy. I love the idea of including women, I think that’s great.

“But all-female I think would be a bad idea. I don’t think the fans want to see that.

Well said, Winston, but I don’t think they’ll make them sexy, lest the liberals assemble their pitchforks and cry sexism.  A Ghostbusters reboot will never work.  Even the theme tune is too obligatory, so if they do it without that, people will shit on it.  And they can’t really reboot a movie and use the old theme.  Let it go.


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