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Renner Has A Good Idea For A Bourne Crossover


We have been discussing lately the conundrum of two Bourne movies appearing on the horizon, a sequel to “The Bourne Ultimatum” and The “Bourne Legacy”.  Legacy 2 was pushed back due to Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass wanting in on the action again.  I had speculated that they would probably go for a crossover movie.

Will that happen?  Jeremy Renner recently discussed such a premise and this week, further offers an idea:

I think you pit them against each other, and then they go together against the bad guy. We realize that we’re not the enemy. I mean, I think a thousand people can come up with that scenario, but I think you do both. I think that could be really interesting. Mind you, there have been NO talks, whatsoever, creatively about that. So that’s just the fanboy in me, I suppose.

The first Legacy movie already was a crossover movie actually, in its truest form, with footage from Ultimatum being used to set the tone for Legacy, in realtime.  And with ensembles being all the rage these days, I’d say it will be a crossover…