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Simon Pegg Talks Mission: Impossible V


The Mission: Impossible series moves along with another movie in production.  These movies seem to me to be similar to what Sylvester Stallone and Avi Lerner were going for with The Expendables 3, that light brand of comedic action.  The difference is though that this series is good at it and supposed to be that way.

At any rate, the ensemble also continues, with Simon Pegg also returning.  Pegg this week offers his thoughts on returning to the series once again:

It’s nice to be able to play a character more than once. It’s becoming more and more common these days — cinema is taking a leaf out of television’s book, becoming more episodic. I like Benji; he has evolved from his first appearance in M: I III where he was a schlubby IT guy to being an agent, to being an agent who now would have been in the field for four years. It’s fun to revisit him at these different stages.

Believe it or not I would call this movie one to keep an eye on.  Not that it is up there with the best, but at least Tom Cruise uses his influence to demand practical stunts.

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