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Chuck Norris In “The Finisher” (2015)


For anyone who thought we’d seen the last of Chuck Norris… it may be time to think again.  Let’s start calling retired semi-retired or even full blown active.

Norris recently appeared on Estadao (Brazilian outlet) to reveal that he has a new movie in development referred to as “The Finisher”.  Filming will begin in March 2015 in Savannah, Georgia.  Other than that, little else is known but it is speculated by his fans that it could be an old project previously called “The Novice”, brought back to life.

In that movie Norris was due to play a retired hitman.  Could work, Charles Bronson was doing that type of thing while he was even older than Norris.  Check out the video below, Norris talks the project towards the end.