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The Americans: Season Three Premiere Date


I hope people have caught up on The Americans, the first two seasons of the 1980s-set spy thriller.  It’s a picture of old-school sky craft, where things are done the old way with clandestine meetings in the park, fake wigs and the threat of red terror.  Which has been a refreshing change from the modern espionage thriller that relies too heavily on iPhones, GPS and computer monitoring tension.  Think typewriters and early 80’s muscle cars.

The third season then has a debut date, which is January 28th 2015.  It’ll run for thirteen episodes once again.  Just to recap: The Americans is about two Soviet deep penetration moles living in the USA, under the guise of being a suburbanite family, even going as far as bearing children.  To mix things up a little, they live next door to an FBI agent, whom they have befriended.

This series was talked about a little at last month’s NY Comic Con, you can check out the video below.

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