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You Gotta Respect Tom Cruise…


As these photos and video show, Tom Cruise is once again going to extraordinary lengths to film his stunt scenes.  This is from Mission: Impossible V.  The plane is an Airbus A400M with Cruise tethered to the side of it.  And you gotta respect the actor for that, even if he is not the manliest or quite in the league of Charles Bronson.

At a guess, I would say that the only CGI used for this sequence would be the remove that safety belt as well as some wires underneath?  Very impressive and in line with other more practical stunts in the movie featuring car chases.

Tom Cruise has a history of this sort of thing and it is good to see it appear in movies these days despite all the CGI at the disposal of movies, especially large production ones like this. Mission: Impossible V is released Christmas Day 2015.