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First Look At Bautista As Bond Henchman


One of the things that has arguably been missing from recent Bond movies has been a good henchman.  In fact if you think about it that type of character hasn’t been around in Bond movies for a long time.  Does Famke Jenssen’s super sexy Xenia count from GoldenEye?

Good news appears then since we now know it’s Bautista.  Here’s a recent description of the casting for the role.

Casting has begun for the main assassin, with the search specifically focussed on someone extremely physically fit and over 6′ 2″. Whoever wins the role will have several altercations with Daniel Craig’s 007 throughout the film and also a driving sequence. Former sports athletes will be under consideration along with anyone ‘very unusual’. The character has the working name of ‘Hinx’ (which may change before shooting starts) and is said to be between 30 and 45 years old.

The sound of Craig mixing it up with a henchman is appealing.  So now that Bautista has been cast as Hinx, today we get a first look.  Check it out below, as well as the new Bond car, the DB-10.


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