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Fury Road Trailer: In Depth Analysis

The Mad Max: Fury Road trailer hit yesterday, just as we said it would this month.  It’s certainly an interesting feature for a movie that is sure to be one of the biggest of 2015, which is saying something, given how big 2015 is going to be for movies!  First, check out the trailer below.  If you wish to have it in the best quality possible, download it directly from Warner Bros. in 1080p.  So let’s check this sucker out…

Well first, as Night Rider posted on Twitter and Facebook, we are instantly digging the new fashion trends in George Miller’s post apocalyptic world.  Padlocked chastity belts.  They need to start selling these as soon as possible.  Who is being let loose here?  Probably not Charlize Theron, I don’t think she is going to be anyone’s bitch in this movie, her role is Imperator Furiosa, a mean bitch and leader.


The main villain of the movie.  Immortan Joe.  See that mask there?  Beneath that is a totally fucked up mouth.  Last year we posted pictures of it before getting (another) cease and desist warning.  Pretty rough stuff and not exactly PG-13 looking, which the movie is probably going to be.  But then they spent all the time and effort on it, so surely he removes it at some point.  His jaw basically is no longer there.  Immortan Joe is played by Hugh Keays-Byrne, who played The Toecutter in the first movie.  I suppose this more or less confirms reboot status as The Toecutter looked pretty damned dead to me.  Surely it’s not a badly scarred Toecutter?!


Water plays a big role in the movie.  Immortan Joe, Mr. Baddy, has his own fortress of flowing H20, rumoured to be the place of enslaved children in misery.  Look closer and you can see Joe standing firm looking over his domain, below the skull within the cliff.

Some .gifs now.  The V8 Interceptor, black on black.  Back and ready to rock, but easily missed in this trailer.  What role will it have in this movie and if its a reboot how does it figure into things and how is it introduced?  Rumours abound that Miller destroys the car once again, possibly in the opening act.  Others say the car is “rebuilt”, could this movie possibly fall within the original timeline as rumoured last year?

Some of the scenes look superb.  However CGI does raise its head among scenes that might have otherwise looked practical.  For instance, a monster truck performs a sweet jump.  But just as and before it takes flight, the CGI somewhat betrays the spectacle, it looks undercooked to me.  It could possibly be from rougher footage.

Finally, below, some more tasty .gifs