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Blackhat “Cyber Hacking” Featurette

It seems to me that this movie isn’t receiving half the attention it should, since it is coming out in around ten days.  So here is a featurette that has just been uploaded this week.
It has less than 2,000 views so it looks like people aren’t too interested in this movie or, probably more accurately, aren’t too aware of it.   Is the promotion being handled poorly?  Should we expect a box office bomb?  Are some people afraid of the Chinese all of a sudden?

Here is his synopsis:

It is about a Blackhat hacker who has done about four years of a 15-year sentence in a federal prison.  He is given a last chance if he can identify, apprehend and locate a cybercriminal at work doing large scale crime for profit somewhere in the world.  In the process they’ve caused the meltdown of a nuclear reactor, but no-one knows what is their big hit, or who they are or where they are.

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