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Mission Impossible 5 Moved Forward To July


It looks like Paramount is happier than anyone thought with the latest Mission: Impossible.  They have just moved the fifth entry in the series from December 25th up to July 31st.  Which is a far more competitive window to launch a movie in.

Originally slated for a December 25th release this year, the movie will now hit the big screen on July 31st. As a result the part CG-animated/part live-action family film “Monster Trucks,” which was slated for May 29th, will now hit at Christmas.

Post production is evidently going ahead quickly and effectively then.  Personally I was even expecting a delay, because next year will be the 20th anniversary of the series, and anniversaries are always good marketing gimmicks, they might have pushed it back just for that alone.  Good news for the movie though.