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More DTV Schlock Incoming From Willis


We spoke recently about Bruce Willis’ abuse of his own fans with a greedy cash-grabbing run of DTV schlock.  Well we need to talk about it again.  Here is the synopsis for Bruce Willis’ latest film.  ‘Extraction’.

“A former CIA operative who hasn’t been the same since his wife was murdered (perfect reason to explain Bruno’s now permanently sour mug – MM). His son is a fresh young CIA operative following in his footsteps and with his father they are working on the development of a super-weapon called the Condor, when dad is kidnapped by a terrorist group. Learning that there is no plan for his father to be saved, Harry launches his own rescue operation. It leads to a conspiracy that will change his life forever.”

The helmer is Steven C.Miller, director of Steven Seagal howler ‘Submerged’.  That movie was so bad it was good, but Willis does not have Seagalogy Buddhist charm and will probably only appear for four minutes.  This movie is pegged for a July release, so they must have filmed this thing faster than the Gulf War ground offensive! (Like 120 hours…)