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No Bourne Crossover, Says Marshall


With two Bourne movies now in the pipeline, with one bumping the other out of a release slot (Bourne 4 taking the place of Legacy 2), some have speculated that a crossover movie could have happened with both characters played by Matt Damon and Jeremy Renner appearing.

This does not appear to be the case according to Frank Marshall.

Are there still plans for the two to eventually meet and have a movie together?

MARSHALL:  We don’t have plans for that.  You never know.  I never say never.  But that’s not the plan.  They’re on separate tracks.

You’d think that a crossover movie would make more money, it is certainly all the rage with comic book movies.  However the other way of looking at it is that two movies equals two times the profit.  If they could get one out a year, I’m sure that would be tempting for them

Source: [Collider]