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Female Expendables Spin Off Still Happening


The Expendables franchise is not done yet.  Which surprises no-one.  According to TrackingBoard the female spin off movie is still happening, because Naomi Watts and Kate Beckinsale are in talks to appear in the movie.

Keep in mind though, TrackingBoard is the same site that claimed a Lethal Weapon remake was on the cards starring Chris Hemsworth and to be directed by Justin Lin, of Fast & Furious fame.  Then however, Lin responded to the rumour by laughing at it and saying it was total bullshit.

Anyway, if this movie does happen, Stallone is expected to produce according to the site.  There’s more than that though, we posted at update last year quoting Robert Luketic where he had this to say: “Sylvester Stallone’s in the movie… There’s a few of the male Expendables in it and I get to meet them, and so that’s cool.  The worst of my nerves are over now: Harrison Ford was the pinnacle.”  I would expect that to happen, cameos to give the film buoyancy.

The film supposedly has a group of female mercenaries take down a dictator in Brunei (via Bulgaria of course).

Even though The Expendables 3 underperformed, expect more movies.  If not an Expendables 4, then definitely direct-to-video milking of the franchise, the name alone would shift a ton of DVDs with a B-rated cast, minus the bigger stars, which would be cost effective.  And that’s how these people think.