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Gina Carano Joins Latest Bruce Willis Thriller


Another Bruce Willis B-thriller is on the horizon.  Is the man short of money or something?

In ‘Extraction’ Willis will play a man kidnapped by unknown assailants and his CIA agent son, played by Kellen Lutz, sets out to find him against the agency’s wishes.  Gina Carano will play Victoria, a tough field operative assigned to hunt down Harry.

Steven C. Miller is helming from a screenplay by Umair Aleem and Max Adams. Dan Bilzerian, Lydia Hull and Tyler Olson also star.

Gonna take a wild guess here and throw up the words ‘extended cameo’ for Bruce Willis.  It seems to be another one of those movies that is barely on the radar anywhere, so most likely a VOD-type deal.  Willis’ last big movie, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, underperformed.

So he’ll probably be looking for something big to get him back on track.  Die Hard 6?