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Lionheart 25th Anniversary Blu-Ray Detailed


The first details for the upcoming 25th anniversary release of Lionheart on Blu-Ray have been released from Van Damme Fanz, via TheActionElite, who have done some translating on this.  It’s a German release but we hope for an English DTS soundtrack.  There, the film is titled ‘Leon’.  Screens and artwork follow.

Thanks to: Sergei

This message goes to all the Jean -Claude Van Damme and LEON fans out there . We have exclusive pictures as a sneak peek of the upcoming Blu -ray release of LEON – 25th ANNIVERSARY DIRECTOR’S CUT . Convince yourself of the great image quality of the movie , because this is the recent DVD releases in the shade.

In other countries, the film was released under the following headings : LIONHEART (USA ) AWOL (UK), FULL CONTACT ( FR) and WRONG BET (OFF). Even the film director Sheldon Lettich 100 % convinced of the future German Blu -ray release, see for yourself: “I’ve previewed the Blu -ray The picture and sound quality are top-notch , the best I’ve ever seen and heard for . a home video release of ” Lionheart “.




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