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The Mercenary: Absolution Gets Another Trailer


Welp.  Sensei Seagal is doing his thing again rescuing red-hot blonde weemin, it’s another trailer for The Mercenary: Absolution today.  And I have to be honest, Seagal has so many movies of the same kind, past and scheduled for this year, I was confused about which one this actually is.

Synopsis: This one is about a team of hit men who go to Russia for a hit and end up trapped in the city due to inclement weather. As they wait out the approaching storm Steven’s character stumbles upon a girl being attacked. He saves her life but in the processes has a realization that he has been fighting for the wrong things in his life – and vows to help get her out of the city. Of course – this being a Seagal movie – there turns out to be people standing in his way. Lots of bad, bad people…

Yeah, Vinnie Jones is in there too.  I don’t think this will be showing up at the Oscars, but could it be manly?