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Wesley Snipes Has ‘Five Minutes To Live’


We’ve been wondering what Wesley Snipes would be getting up to post-Expendables 3 so here is a new addition.  Five Minutes To Live will be a heist movie directed by Franck Khalfoun and starring Wesley Snipes.


JOHNNY (Wesley Snipes) and his team execute a robbery at a jewelry store that goes horribly wrong, culminating in a massive shootout with the police. Johnny gets away and heads to a rendezvous spot to meet his girlfriend, SHAUNA, who leads the cops on a breathless chase through the streets. They evade the police, and check in with the man who put the job together. His name is MILES, and he’s a ruthless criminal, and he quickly and correctly surmises that Shauna is responsible for the botched robbery. Without batting an eye, he kills her in cold blood, and then forces Johnny to join him on another job. 

I believe this movie finished up recently.  It was filmed in Alabama, U.S.A.  Expect an  August release date and for now, check out the poster.


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