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A Terminator Themed Entrance At WrestleMania


At the weekend another trainwreck WrestleMania occurred, which seems to be the trend for the past decade, on and off.  I watched this PPV and ironically despite all the jabs at WCW, they were repeating mistakes made by WCW before it died.  I.e. hiring celebs and dinosaur wrestlers to fill out the card because they can’t (won’t) create new stars.

Fittingly then, Arnold Schwarzenegger recorded a video message as the Terminator, where the makeup department tried their best to make him look like the 1991 Terminator.  They failed, because he is too old and should’ve had some dignity by not going there.  I guess it’s hard to let go.

Possibly the worst thing about the whole broadcast though was the entrance for HHH (where he buried Sting, who looked 200 years old and shat on his own legacy by jobbing to another retiree), Terminator themed in nature.  It was probably the most cringe-worthy scene since Sting’s RoboCop entrance 20 years ago.  Words cannot describe the enormity of the cringe!

Viewer discretion is advised…