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Biehn Confirms He’s Probably In New Alien Movie


Since Niell Blomkamp is making a new Alien movie and had posted concept art that included Michael Biehn’s Cpl. Hicks, most have wondered whether he’ll actually show up in the movie.

Looks like he will.

Biehn was at a convention last weekend and told attendees that it looks like he’ll be reprising his role from the 1986 film. Further reiterating Biehn’s likely involvement, Blomkamp tells Digital Spy that “hopefully” we’ll be seeing Hicks.

I also think that this film is going to retcon Alien3 or Alien Resurrection.  Blomkamp’s denial wasn’t really that,  he just said he didn’t want to look down on those movies.  Besides, if Hicks is in it, it basically does ignore them.