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Is This The Manliest DTV Commentary Ever Recorded?

I think that Outlaw, a vigilante movie that came out eight years ago in the United Kingdom, is home to probably the single manliest DTV commentary ever recorded. It’s uh, kinda ‘direct’. Director Nick Love and actor Danny Dyer rant throughout about how poorly the movie was received, mostly due to political bias.

 It’s unsettling innit?

I recall.  Yes.  It was politically targeted.  And kudos to these people for letting rip on the DTV commentary.  Outlaw wasn’t a bad movie, in fact on second thoughts, it was a good movie.  A damned manly fucking movie that was torn up just because it wouldn’t appeal to everyone.  These fucking slag critics, they worked their bollocks off in this movie!  Dyer and Love sound like MM readers.

Vigilante movies.  They’re manly.  Especially when done correctly.  This one did things correctly.  Charles Bronson would’ve put his feet up with some Jack with this one, with a smile on his face.  Check it out if you’ve missed it.