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Junkie XL Says Fury Road Practical Effects ‘Very, Very Massive’


I suppose we all worry about CGI these days in movies.  Especially when it comes to a film like Mad Max: Fury Road, a successor to movies that made their name through practical effects and stuntwork.  Because Fury Road looks so big, you’d have to wonder just how many IBM processors will be in there.

Well the film’s composer Junkie XL doesn’t seem too worried.

“The reason why it looks beautiful is that he built very, very massive scenes, so when you see five hundred guys in a shot, there are five hundred guys in a shot. I think they were [shooting in Africa] with nine hundred and fifty people filming. It was unheard of… there’s not a lot of CGI in there.”

Granted what he witnessed was not the final product but I think he should be in the know.  Supposedly the film is one giant chase sequence.  So it sounds impressive so far.  Has George Miller created the manliest movie of 2015, will it be rated R like some sites say?

We’ll soon find out…

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