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Updated: FOX Developing Expendables TV Series


Updated: I’ve been made aware that I’ve missed some pertinent facts regarding this series.  Firstly the series is being developed by Fox and LionsGate TV.  Secondly, Shane Brennan (NCIS) will write alongside Greg Coolidge (Ride Along) and Kirk Ward.  A fourth film is also in ‘development’.


I think we can put talk of an Expendables 4 to bed, for now.  The next thing in the pipeline is seemingly a TV series.  According to website Deadline, there is an upcoming series for the franchise.

What will it be about exactly and what might it be like? The TV adaptation will be “a fun action drama that unites iconic TV stars as a new team of highly skilled heroes who are on a mission to stop a dangerous terrorist.”  So it seems that the old team are not returning, hence ‘new team’ and that the comedic tone could possibly be retained, hence the word ‘fun’.

I suspected something like this could happen.  While not precisely a box office bomb eventually topping 200 million, it was not the number expected as the third movie suffered at the hands of negative fan backlash and poor critics reviews.  I thought something along the lines of DTV, after all the name is there to be milked.  Sylvester Stallone and Avi Lerner have signed on as producers.

New team, Eh?  Still, expect some cameos I’d say.  Especially for the pilot.  And probably from smaller names like Couture more often.