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Here’s A New Clip From Ted 2



First, we apologise for any outage earlier today.  A massive attack was launched on the servers which we happened to be hosted on, not us directly.  GoDaddy was the victim.  Any emails sent today to ManlyMovie may not have gotten through. If it’s any consolation, also went down.

That said let us get back to some manly news.  A new clip from “Ted 2″ has been released to coincide with the upcoming MTV Movie Awards.

The June 26 release sees Mark Wahlberg reuniting with Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted’; Amanda Seyfried, Liam Neeson, and Morgan Freeman also partake in the fun festivities.  Personally I liked the first movie and Ted is a boy who would certainly be a reader of our renegade site.  I’m going to guess that a trilogy will be what is in store for this series.

Check it out.