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Statham Says He’s Ready For Crank 3


Like I said a while back, we really need a Crank 3.  We need some synthetic ephedrine diluted with some saline!  And it’s good to know that Jason Statham is also on board, he has spoken of it this week with IGN.

“I’d love to do Part 3, put it that way… We’ve been talking for years about Crank 3. The first Crank, for me, was such a great experience. It’s a wacky few weeks that you have with such talented directors [Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor].

There’s no rules when you’re doing the Crank movies. We just keep going: ‘How are we going to get this off the ground?’ They have a loose idea. They haven’t written the script.”

A while back series creators Neveldine/Taylor said that there is ‘talk’ of a third movie.  Well, talk louder, damnit!  But wait.  We also need something that truly suits the theme here, may I suggest a role for Gary Busey?  Possibly as the leading villain.  Surely if there’s a match out there for Chev Chelios, it’s Gary Busey?

Fuck you Chelios!