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Tom Hardy Has ‘No Doubt’ He’ll Play Mad Max Again


Mad Max: Fury Road could possibly be the manliest movie of 2015.  It’s hard to see what could defeat it in that regard.  But it’s also hard to see it failing at the box office.  And if it doesn’t, Tom Hardy is going to return to the franchise.  Does this mean we’re getting a rebooted trilogy?

Here is what he has told Total Film print magazine this month.

Would you do another Mad Max?

These things largely depend on theperformance of a vehicle.  I have no shadow of doubt in mind that we’ll be going on again with this. Nobody’s been waiting quite as long as George to make sure it happened, and it has happened. And what he’s done is incredible.

Hardy also tells the magazine that Mad Max is not a superhero, because people don’t like superheros who hurt and get beat up by the nastiness of the world, which is what will happen to Max in this movie.  Good screening reviews for this movie by the way.

Mad Max: Fury Road is a little over a month away and will enter cinemas May 13th.

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