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(VIDEO) Barney Ross Delivers Some Bread


Whether The Expendables 4 comes or not, it seems that the end of Barney Ross the character or at least likeness will not have been with The Expendables 3.  Just like Jean Claude Van Damme returning to his Hard Target character Chance Boudreux for Coors Light, Stallone will promote a bakery range in the United Kingdom for a new commercial.

The website Bakery Info has revealed that Sylvester Stallone will be the new face of British bakery firm Warburtons.  Check it out in their reveal tweet.  “In a power-pairing of bakery meets Hollywood,” Bakery Info’s Bronya Smolan writes, “the 68-year-old is set to be the face of a new TV advertising campaign, after filming at one of Warburton’s bakeries this week.”

Shoulda gone with Rambo if you ask me, you know, whet the appetite (pun intended) for the fifth movie.  But then again, maybe old John J. needs to be kept for more prestigious shit, maybe Rambo deserves better no?