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Happy 20th Braveheart


You could easily put this as one of the top five manliest movies of the 1990s, which is no small ask.  And Braveheart is 20 years old this weekend.  It first entered theaters in North America on May 24th 1995.  What a great year that was, especially the summer of ’95.

You know, despite how manly and legendary it now is, Braveheart scored a somewhat modest box office of $210 million.  I expected more than that.

Anyway, directed by Mel Gibson, I don’t know if we’ll ever see him top this as a director.  Unless Berserker, his Viking epic, does the job.  If anything could be more badass than Braveheart as a sword and sandals yarn, it could be a bloody Viking epic directed by Mel Gibson…

By the way.  It’s sad to say that some pissant girlie-man music video has ousted the search term Braveheart, by a wide margin, on YouTube, with 13 million hits.  What the hell is the world coming to?!