UPDATED: Full Point Break (2015) Trailer – ManlyMovie

UPDATED: Full Point Break (2015) Trailer

UPDATED:  Full trailer added above.

Well I suppose the above is an interesting video, a trailer for a trailer if you will, for upcoming remake Point Break.  The movie is set to be released this winter, Christmas Day in fact.  In the movie a federal agent infiltrates a gang of thieves who participate in extreme sports.

Even though this movie is not popular with some even before the get-go, it would be remiss of us to point out that the editing and camera work look relatively steady in that video.  Because I’m telling you right now I’ve had a belly full of that spaz-directing shit and will not tolerate it any longer.

By the way, nice to see Delroy Lindo there, I haven’t seen him in a while, fine manly movie actor.  Below is the first poster, with shades of Cliffhanger being summoned. We’ll have more on Point Break soon.