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Tom Hiddleston To Star In Braveheart Sequel


According to emails exposed by Wikileaks and The Daily Mail, there is going to be a sequel to 1995 manly movie outright classic “Braveheart”.  The title of the movie?  “Lion Rampant”.  Yeah, I can’t quite believe it either.  There is more information on this however.

The lead star being chased for this movie is “Thor” actor Tom Hiddleston.  The 34-year-old will take on the role of Scotland’s warrior king Robert the Bruce in the upcoming film. Directed by David Mackenzie, the movie will be shot in Scotland and will also potentiality feature Jack O’Connell and Emma Stone.

Details of the highly-anticipated film were revealed when an email exchange between former head of Sony Entertainment Amy Pascal and Rich Klubeck, a senior partner in a leading American talent agency, were published.

The word “unofficial” appears though, when calling this a sequel.  It’s safe to say Mel Gibson won’t be involved with this, his production company Icon probably won’t be either.  This reminds me of talk of a sequel to “Gladiator” many years back.

Sometimes, you just shouldn’t go there.

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