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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Upcoming Vigilante Thriller


We’ve been wondering where Arnold Schwarzenegger is headed next, after Terminator: Genisys.  Some were hoping The Legend of Conan, however it appears there will be one other stop first with the movie 478, according to

In 478, Schwarzenegger plays a man whose wife and child die in a plane crash. The tragedy was caused by an air traffic controller’s screw-up. The air traffic controller is vilified for his mistake and placed into protective custody. Schwarzenegger cannot let it go, and is determined to seek vengeance. Though is sounds like a standard revenge film, I’m told it isn’t. It is much more subtle than that — a real character piece more than an action film and gives Schwarzenegger a chance to show the chops he displayed on Maggie.

Sounds like the Liam Neeson route, sort of.  So his schedule apparently looks like 478, followed by The Legend of Conan, then perhaps Triplets or another Terminator movie.