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Check Out This “Fear The Walking Dead” Teaser


The countdown to another Walking Dead series continues.  A spin off series, “Fear the Walking Dead” will pretty much tell similar themes of the main series but from a different angle.  Check out the new promo above.

Calling the show a “parallel story [rather] than a prequel,” show runner Dave Erickson says the first season will basically take place during the initial period where Rick Grimes was in a coma and does “tie very specifically into the pilot of the original.” It also means that people in this world aren’t used to ‘walkers’ yet or resigned to the hopeless survivalist life that Rick and his people have long adjusted to.

Who knows if this will actually be any good.  However like many others I found the video game series, the episode one, better in some cases than the actual television show.  The only other thing we know is that the cause of the outbreak will not be revealed in this series.  I am sure they will save that one for the main series and the end of it!

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