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Jason Statham Shits On Comic Book Movies


Years ago Jason Statham took aim at comic book movies in an interview with AintItCoolNews.  Unfortunately that article is no longer on their site.  No matter.  Jason Statham has once again voiced his opinion on bloated, fake looking computer animated comic book movies.

“A lot of the modern action films I see, like the Marvel Comics sort of things, I just think that any guy could do it,” he told i400calci.

“I have no ambition [to star in one]. I could take my grandma, put her in a cape, put her on a green screen and have stunt doubles come in and do all the action. Anyone can do it.”

He added: “They’re relying on stunt doubles, and green screen, 200 million dollar budgets, all CGI created. To me, it’s not authentic. I’m inspired by old, real star guys that can really do their thing.”