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Peter Berg & Wahlberg Ready For “Mile 22”


“Lone Survivor” partners Peter Berg and Mark Wahlberg are set to team up once again, for another thriller.  “Mile 22” will  follow “Deepwater Horizon”.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Graham Roland’s script tells of a CIA agent (Wahlberg) stationed in Indonesia who is tasked with transporting a compromised informant from the center of the city to an awaiting getaway plane at an airport 22 miles away. While en route, they must battle corrupt police, criminal overlords and heavily armed locals, all hell-bent on taking them out before they reach their plane.

Ronda Rousey (“Entourage”) and Iko Uwais (“The Raid 2″) are also aboard.

Lone Survivor was a pretty good film and strongly discarded any use of shaking cameras, in fact the steady cam filming of the combat scenes was borderline amazing.