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Rambo Gets ‘Year One’ Prequel Novel


More Rambo material to report on here.  The earlier ISIS story was carried by quite a few sources and almost imploded the site, garnering 110,000 hits in a matter of hours.  Reader Wallace Lee has been in touch to inform us about his new novel, Rambo Year One.  Here is the skinny…

Year One was authorized to worldwide free-share by David Morrell, creator of the Rambo character in his 1972 novel First Blood. He authorized it as an un-official Rambo prequel, meaning that the plot ofRambo Year One was not approved nor rejected by him, nor any other of copyright owners.
You are free to decide if this is the real story of the young John Rambo, or not.
In other words, dear reader… ‘This time… it’s up to you.’

I have not had a chance to read or review the book yet but if it gets a pass from Morrell then there must be some quality behind it.  You can find out more about the prequel novel and how to read it by clicking here.