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The Most Depressing Pic You’ll See All Week


What the hell is this shit.  I can barely manage the words to describe it.  It is a mess and an insult on so many levels.  First, the time for a new Ghostbusters has long since passedHarold Ramis is dead, Bill Murray looks older than the foothills of the Himalayas.

Even if didn’t mind that the Ghostbusters in this boot-quel were female, this is still wrong, wrong and wrong again.  They look like a bunch of cosplayers.  It looks cheap, nasty,  awkward and odd.

That said, I don’t want to see a female Ghostbusters movie and this feminist shit is getting out of control.  It’s like the dog that is not only bothering you at the table while eating your meal, but is now also making its way onto it, two paws up, followed by attempts to go straight for your plate.  It needs a stiff slap and shown who is boss.

It’s everywhere I look these days, this feminist shit, and this latest instance is nothing but trolling.  Just another piece of iconography sacrificed on the altar of ultra leftism.  Most modern feminists are unhappy creatures and I bet most of those celebrating this new female reboot have never given a damn about the original movies… but they’ll damn sure enjoy the controversy.

Oh and by the way, this is a comedy movie about women using proton packs to defeat ghosts.  Well, females are a (significant) minority in both comedy circuits and nuclear physics.  And not because anyone is holding them back.

Just sayin’…