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Boyka: Undisputed IV Wraps Up

BOYKA2Guilty as charged here, we’re a few days late on this.  But Boyka: Undisputed IV has wrapped.  Per Scott’s Official Facebook, he gives his followers an update.

“That’s a wrap on Boyka: Undisputed IV. I’ve put my heart & soul into this shoot and pushed my body to it’s absolute limit to bring you the next instalment of the greatest martial arts movie franchise the West has to offer.

Yuri Boyka will face many new fights in this chapter, but none more dangerous than the fight within himself.

I’d like to thank Teodora Duhovnikova, Paul Chahidi and Alon Aboutboul who brought their characters to life with and supported my performance in the best way possible.

The fighters Emilien De Falco, Trayan Milenov, Andy Long, Brahim Achabbakhe and Martyn Ford for giving it their all (especially Andy Long who I sent to the hospital – sorry Andy).

Tim Man, our fight choreographer, we couldn’t do it without you my friend (2 more sections please).

All the Bulgarian cast & crew for all their hard work and dedication.

I love playing this character and we already have ideas on where to take him next so do me a favour – if you want to see more of Yuri Boyka and don’t want to wait another 6 years to see it then please, please support this movie through the official channels and not illegal downloads. It needs to make a profit to justify a sequel, it’s plain economics.

Time for me to rest my aching bones.



I mean, I don’t like to wish ill on Scott Adkins’ body, but ‘aching bones’ is exactly the type of thing you want to hear about when it comes to a movie like this.  The very antithesis to a man’s head literally being green screened into a toy suit.  Anyway, going to stop now before another comic book rant gets out of control.