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Here’s A Look At Hemsworth In Ghostbusters

hemsworthghostbustersVulture have posted the first photo of Chris Hemsworth filming his secretary role (see how the role of secretary has been reversed from male to female?) on the set of the “Ghostbusters” reboot which is currently shooting in Boston.  I’m guessing Hemsworth is appearing as a lackey to the new “progressive” ‘Busters. Donning a new hair style and glasses, the photo confirms he’s also getting his own version of the official Ghostbusters uniform.

Just Jared adds that the shot was taken during the actual filming of a scene rather than just Hemsworth fooling around between takes. The film is currently targeting a July 22nd 2016 release.

After the uproar generated about the new female Ghostbusters, people have accused a recent visit to a children’s hospital of being a cynical publicity stunt, however other sites are claiming that this position is sexist.

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