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Trailer For Revenge Flick Pleasure Island (2015)

pleasureislandThere’s a trailer here for the new British film ‘Pleasure Island’ which opens in cinemas in the UK and on demand later this week. It looks like a gritty revenge flick with liberal amounts of bloody violence judging from what we see here. Perhaps not very original, but it does appear to be pretty uncompromising. I’m getting a ‘Dead Man’s Shoes’ meets “Death Sentence“ vibe from this one.
And being from the real life shithole British town of Grimsby myself, this one appeals to me on many levels. Only the other day I was saying how they need to purge some of the fucking chav scum that are taking over these here streets.
In the film, Ian Sharp plays Dean, a man who returns to his hometown of Grimsby after serving in the army. When he discovers that his beloved childhood home has gone to hell at the hands of local drug dealers he does what any  decent ex-squaddie would do – grabs a shotgun and goes on the rampage, busting a few heads against walls and tables along the way. Personally I think the trailer looks pretty damn good – check out that fucking shotgun blast to the chest! I’ll be seeing this one when it opens in the UK on Friday (14th August).
And kudos to the film makers for actually  having the guts to film it in Grimsby, unlike Sacha Baron Cohen, who filmed his most recent movie, which was actually called ‘Grimsby’ largely (if not entirely) elsewhere.
Extra useless information: ‘Pleasure Island’ is actually a family theme park in Cleethorpes, where parts of the film are also set.  Not sure what this slice of bloody violence will do for their reputation, but I guess all publicity is good publicity.
– Jake