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Friedkin Denounces Exorcist Remake

exorcistmotherThere is just no way it could have been done.  I mean really now, The Exorcist is in a league all of its own, so even forty years later it’s just too iconic to touch.  Last it was revealed that Morgan Creek Productions had hired an investment banking group to sell off domestic rights to its library of seventy-eight films. Supposedly they would retain the remake rights for five of its films, one of which was William Friedkin’s horror classic horror classic. At the time it was also suggested ideas for a remake of the film were being thrown about.

This pissed off Friedkin who took to Twitter to voice his anger;

Now, Morgan Creek’s official Twitter account has posted a response to Friedkin and it’s good news:

So it looks like we’re in the clear. Put the youngin’s to bed and put the original disc in the player.