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New Images From The Revenant

revenantThe trailer for upcoming manly thriller The Revenant was released a while back.  It was a doozy, it could be one of the manlier movies this year.  New images can be checked out below courtesy of 20th Century Fox.  It’s also not going to be one of those movies that is rife with stuffy and overwrought dialogue.

Leonardo DiCaprio recently revealed to Grantland that if you’re looking for a talky drama, The Revenant will leave you dissatisfied:

“It was a different type of challenge for me,” DiCaprio says, “because I’ve played a lot of very vocal characters. It’s something that I really wanted to investigate — playing a character that says almost nothing. How do you relay an emotional journey and get in tune with this man’s angst … without words?”

So is this one going to be a real sleeper or what?  It looks downright beautiful.