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Scott Eastwood Joins Car Theft Actioner

scotteastwoodIt’s early days in his career and he has probably the biggest shoes possible to fill, but I’m starting to dig Scott Eastwood.  And what’s more, maybe this new movie of his is set to be a real gritty, manlier Fast & Furious type movie.

Eastwood will appear in Overdrive, also joined by the smoking hot Ana de Armas as it happens.

The story centers on two car thieves who journey to the south of France for new opportunities and wind up in the crosshairs of the local crime boss.  Eastwood will play one of the thieves. Michael Brandt wrote the script and is producing with Pierre Morel and Christopher Tuffin.

My old man is a life long fan of Clint Eastwood and followed his career from the pre-historic era, I wonder if it’ll be the same with myself and Scott Eastwood.

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