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The Best Scene In: Doom (2005)

doomHas it really been ten years since Doom was adapted for the big screen?  And was it really all that bad?  I did not like this movie massively at first but I would have to say that it has since grown on me.  I like this side of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, darker, colder and even the bad guy.

Karl Urban was in this one too in case you forgot.

Now I do not want to say that the following is the “only good scene” in the movie since there are one or two other cool scenes in it, but it is certainly the best scene as far as I can see.  The FPS sequence was really good and done long before this year’s “Hardcore” tried it.  If you haven’t seen the movie and are a fan of these games in general, you’re in for a treat with this scene.  They absolutely nailed it.