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Things Are Stalling With “Furious 8”

furious8posterSince “Furious 7” director James Wan is focusing on “The Conjuring” sequel and “Fast and Furious” 3-6 helmer Justin Lin is tied up with “Star Trek Beyond,” Universal Pictures has a problem – who can they can get to direct the proposed “Furious 8”?

THR reports that with an April 2017 release date set, screenwriter Chris Morgan is still working on the script and the studio has yet to find a director.

Wan is said to have been offered “life-altering money” to return to direct at least one more instalment, but the stress of the two-year production of “Furious 7” apparently compromised Wan’s health so don’t expect him back anytime soon.

Other complications are said to be slowing things — the exit of series overseer and studio co-president of production Jeffrey Kirschenbaum, and star-producer Vin Diesel, who is reportedly being a real pain in the ass with Steven Seagal-level script interference and “meeting calling”.

Diesel’s agent has denied such talk as “complete nonsense” and Wan’s rep denies any on-set friction. Diesel reportedly doesn’t have veto power over studio picks for the job, but must be consulted and may even have the ambition of directing an entry himself.

I would not be surprised if Diesel is the real reason that Wan is not returning to this series, thoughts?