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The Best Scene In: Behind Enemy Lines (2001)

One of Gene Hackman’s last movies was the 2001 war thriller Behind Enemy Lines.  But even though Gene Hackman was in that movie and Owen Wilson was somewhat miscast, Gene Hackman was not even the best thing about the movie.

This movie is an underrated one and the best scene in it involves the shooting down of an F-18 Superhornet at the start.  I must say that this scene is very well filmed, very slick and cool and still before the days of shaking cameras.  Had it been filmed a few years later it probably would have been ruined.  Genuinely good scene.

I am not sure what that system is that brought the bird down, maybe The Night Rider knows what that tracked vehicle anti-aircraft system is.  The film spawned some poor sequels, with WWE employees I believe, which will probably tell you all you need to know right there.

So check this scene out.