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Cameron Joins Lang’s Military Movie As Producer

langThe last time I watched a movie with Jim Cameron aboard as producer was Sanctum, which to me is an underrated movie and one of the few 3D movies where the 3D actually blew my socks off. Another new movie where the ‘Cameron’ name will show up will be for Stephen Lang’s  ‘Beyond Glory’.

Lang originally adapted ‘Beyond Glory’ as a play from journalist Larry Smith’s book of the same name. The film was adapted from the play, and blends performances from stages around the world, most notably, nuclear carriers in the Persian Gulf. The result is a startling synthesis of cinema and theater that emerges from compelling first-hand accounts of World War II, Korea and Vietnam in the words of eight Medal of Honor recipients.

It sure would be nice for Lang to somehow erase the turd known as Jarhead 2, another military affair, from recent memory with this new feature.  This one then was produced by Rebecca Reynolds, Noah Lang, James Carpenter and Ross Satterwhite. A poster for the film can be seen below.

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