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John McTiernan Directing ‘Killing The Butcher’

killingthebutcherEarlier in the week I pointed out that John McTiernan was seemingly no longer attached to Red Squad, his supposed comeback movie.  That was pretty poor news because, I was told, Red Squad was set to be the biggest production in Hannibal Classics’ history with a budget of around $30 million.

Well, try this one on for size.  John McTiernan is now instead set to direct a World War 2 movie. I think I just shit my pants.

The film is titled ‘Killing the Butcher’ and has just entered pre-production.  Here is the outline:  ‘In World War II, two soldiers parachute into the heart of war torn Europe to find and assassinate a dreaded Nazi SS killer.’  Sounds a bit like Inglorious Basterds, without the toe curling ‘comedy’.

Cameras will roll in March 2016.  It has been written by Max Kreider and will be produced by the producer of Zero Dark Thirty and Lawless, Ted Schipper.  I mean this is very good news, many people over the years have wondered what a John McTiernan WW2 movie would be like.  This news surfaced at the American Film Market.  A teaser poster is also now available, see below.

Now, let’s delay that Die Hard sequel…