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Van Damme In A Ridley Scott Production TV Series?

vandammepancakemanIt appears that Jean Claude Van Damme is going to be linked to a major director, if even loosely, as he’s set to appear in a Ridley Scott affiliated TV series.

According to Deadline, Jean Claude Van Johnson (yeah, name change there) is being written and executive produced by Dave Callaham, co-screenwriter of the first Expendables movie with Sylvester Stallone. Callaham also co-wrote Doom, the 2009 mystery Horsemen, and has a story credit on Godzilla. He is also one of the writers who put together theZombieland 2 script, though it remains to be seen if anything becomes of that.

News of this new project came out along with a ton of other in-development projects being put together through Ridley Scott’s company Scott Free, which is apparently making major moves into TV land.  This one will be a comedy series, but no further details are available right now.

Thanks to: Sergei